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Hi! I am A Performing Artist specializing in Physical Theatre and Contemporary Circus. I have preformed and created numerous plays and performances researching and incorporating the theatre and circus arts.   You're welcome to take a look at my education, training and Professional experience, as well as brouse through the many Photos and videos located in the Gallery page of the website. Thanks for visiting!



Professional Biography


2017    Professional training course with SITI Company, New York under the management of Anne Bogart in the disciplines of Viewpoint and Suzuki methods.
2009- 2013   M.F.A  from the "Actor-Creator-Research" program  at Tel Aviv University. Received the Dean's Diploma of Excellence for achievemant in her studies.
2006-2009   B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from  Tel Aviv University specializing in Theatre and Music.
2006  Lume Teatro, Centre For Theatrical Research, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Professional workshops in Energetic Training and Street Theatre.
2004-2005 Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, Blue Lake, C.A. United States. Graduate of the ProfessionalTraining Program (PTP).
2003-2004 Theatre of Body,Tel Aviv, Israel. School and Stage based on the methods of Jaqcues Lecoq.

Circus Skills

2017    Certified Aerial Yoga Trainer by the Aerial Yoga Academy under guidance of master yogi- Monique Gharios.
2011    Certified Acrobatic Gymnastics Trainer by the Wingate Academic College for Physical Education and Sports. Completed training course in 2011.

2005-2009   Aerial Acrobatics - Trained on Trapeze, Tissue, Rope, Hoop and aerial hammock with Master Aerialist Ronny Kalev at "Shabazi Circus" from 2005-2009
Acrobalance - Training with Yanai Lev-Or at "Circus Shabazi".
Fire Juggling - Skilled at juggling with Pois and fans.
Stilt Walking and Live Statues

Special Skills

Fluent in both Hebrew and English (Native speaker)
Singing and Voice lessons with Ms. Aliza Chen and ARAMAT.
Skilled at playing guitar- advanced level
Dance studies throughout the years - Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop,Tango and Contact Improvsation. 

Professional Experiance in Theatre, Circus and Performance

"If I Could Write A Beautiful Symphony" - 2019
Solo performance occuring in the place where theatre and contemporary circus meet.  
Written, created and performed by Reenat Caidar Avraham.
Directed by: Sharon Maimon Levi, Libby Ran and Reenat caidar Avraham. Dramaturgy: Sharon Maimon Levi. Original Music: Tomer Baruch. 
Originally developed under the residancy program at the "Bascula"- Urban Circus and performance venue in Tel Aviv. 
"Midnight Legend"- 2018
A Gothic Tribal Balet. Created and Directed by Elizabeth Zohar. Main Character and aerialist in the show. Performed at The Bascula, Tel Aviv.
Cabaret Total – 2017-2018
Performances throughout Israel in different venues with the original show “Circus House”. Written and Directed by Noa Mordowitz. Ensemble performance: aerialist and actress in the show.
"Peimot" 2016
Contemporary Circus Performance 
Created and Directed by Reenat caidar Avraham and Anna Kleyner
Performers: Michael Finkel, Jennifer Cohen, Anna Kleyner
Performances at "Circus Shabazi" in Ein Shemer and "Baskula" Tel Aviv.
as well as at the "Bat-Yam Street theatre Festival", 2016
"Last seen on...", 2015
Written by: Amit Erez, Directed by: Reenat Caidar Avraham, Performed by: Michal Buvilski.
One person show performed at the "Centre Stage Festival"  as part of the "Israel Festival" in Jerusalem.
"Wild" 2014
Full length solo performance incorporating puppetry and aerial acrobatics. created and performed by Reenat Caidar Avraham. Performed at the "Acco Festival"
"The Empress's Feet"/ Evelyn Pikara and Valerie Whittington  2014
Performed by the opera group "Ta Opera Zouta" under the direction of: Michal Grover-Friedlander. Performances at the "Tmuna Theatre", Tel Aviv
"The Restaurant From Hell", Captain Howdy's Flying Circus. 2013
Freak/Side show incorporating Slapsticks and aerial Acrobatics. With Captain Howdy, Emily Cage and Reenat Caidar. Performed at the Modiin International Circus Festival.
"Kmatim", 2013.
Written and Directed by Reenat Caidar Avraham.
Performance incorporating theatre and acrobatics based on personal biographical writings from the holocaust, greek myth and the literature of Virginia Wolf.  
Final project for MFA in the Actor-Creator program at Tel Aviv University.  
"Dolly City" 2012, Adaptation to the book written by Orly Kastel-Bloom.
Directed by Nati Ben Chanan. Role: Ben, with use of aerial rope. Preformances at Tel Aviv University.
"Enlightenment Squared"  2011
Created by: Reenat Caidar and Anna Kleyner. Performance incorporating lights and acrobatics on a three-dimensional cube. Performed at the "Festival of lights" in Jerusalem, the "Rehovot festival of living statues" and the "Acco Festival".
"Der Jasager" (The Yes sayer)/ Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill, 2011
Performed by the opera group "Ta Opera Zouta" under the direction of: Michal Grover-Friedlander Role: Aerial Acrobat in the opera Performances at the "Tmuna Theatre", Tel Aviv.
"Journey to the life of Baruch Gorevich", 2011
Written by: Amit Erez Directed by: Nati Ben-Chanan Role: Keeper of time with use of arial hoop. Won first place at the "Small Bama" Festival. Performed at the "Simta Theatre" in Yaffa.
Member of the aerial troup - "Alaya"  2011 The main performance at the Cholon Purim Adloyada
"After Death" 2010
Writen and Directed by: Prof. Shimon Levi. Role: Rachel, with use of aerial tissue in the play.   Preformed at Tel Aviv University and at The "Maabada" Theatre in Jerusalem.  
"Bread Tree"  2010
Street Dance/Theatre performance. Created by "Hapoalot" performance group:  Reenat Caidar, Yeal Sherill and Laure Dalion. Performed at the "Rehovot Festival for Living Statutues.
"Cafe 'Ole", Circus Shabazi  2009
Performance incorporating Aerial and Theatrical skills. Preformed in the "White Night" of Tel Aviv.  
"Etincelles"  2007
Directed by Thierry Morel and Nelly Amar. Performance following a full year of training with Thierry Morel and Nelly Amar in the discipline of Physical Theatre. Role: Physical actor in the play.
"Moon Shadow", Balbalu 2006
Street theatre performance. Role: Creator and Performer in the show. Performed and won second place in the "Bat-Yam   Street Theatre Festival". Performed on tour in France at the "Aurillac Street theatre festival"  and "Challon   Street theatre festival". Performed at the "Acco Festival".

Professional Teaching Experiance

Circus Shabazi, Pardes Channa - 5 years experience training and teaching groups of children, teens and adults in the field of aerial acrobatics
Koshka Studio – 2 years training and teaching children, teens and adults in the field of aerial acrobatics and aerial yoga on hammocks.​
Managed and taught numerous workshops and master classes incorporating aerial and circus skills with theatre and performance at the Baskula venue in Tel aviv, Israel Circus Festival and Circus Shabbazi.

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Circus Skills
Special Skills
Professional Experiance
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