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Ever dream of flying? Then Aerial Acro is perfect for you! No experiance necessary! Step by step you will learn how to climb, twirl and dance in the air. Classes combine flexibility, strength and aerial technique. You will learn how to get strong and overcome your fears in a safe, supportive and fun environment.


I Teach Aerial Acrobatics with emphasis on incorporating dance and movemant in the air as well as dramatic and theatrical elements. I teach children from the age of 6 and adults.

Private aerial classes at the Crossfit Venue in Even Yehuda

For more information please contact me directly:


NEW!! Aerial yoga classes on aerial hammocks in Kadima. every Thursday at 9:00. For more information and to sign up or a class please contact Daniella at "Studio Koshka-yoga" directly.

              SEE YOU IN THE AIR!

Aerial Classes

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